The Story of Three Fishes

We often get the question, ‘How did you come up with the name Three Fishes?’
Kate is the youngest of three girls and as a child, her “Greatie” (Great Grandmother) intertwined drawings of three fish to represent the three girls. This was a strong memory for Kate and even though her sketches never made it to a logo stage for the company, her Greatie was the inspiration behind the name and logo.

Who we are

Kate Mackarell

Kate Mackarell, Director

Kate has over 15 years experience in the design and construction industry. Initially she worked as a Retail Interior Designer where she gained valuable knowledge in concept and retail design and the requirements that Retailers have. She has now specialised in the area of Retail Design Management and has over 10 years experience in this niche industry, working for Developers such as Westfield, Lend Lease, The GPT Group, IPOH and Walker Constructions. Kate’s skills are in client management and negotiation. Her expertise lies in the effective management of retailers and helping them to understand the requirements of the landlord to ensure design quality and consistency across their portfolios.

Ihara Mannise

Ihara Mannise, Senior Retail Design Manager

Ihara has over 10 years experience as a RDM with Stockland Property Group. She worked on Victorian, Western Australian, and NSW assets. She was also involved with Development sites such as Balgowlah, Riverton and Merrylands shopping centres. Ihara’s skills are in connecting with the tenants, especially the smaller “Mum & Dad” retailers and helping them to understand the RDM process as well as the requirements of the landlord. Ihara has a commercially minded approach to the RDM process and aims to create a mutually beneficial outcome for both retailers and landlords.

Winnie Chong

Winnie Chong, Senior Retail Design Manager

Winnie has a multi faceted design background where she had her own Retail Design consultancy for 17 years. She has also worked in the Retail Design Management role for Landlords such as Westfield & GPT. Whilst working for Three Fishes, Winnie has been involved in working closely on QVB, The Strand & The Galeries alongside Kate. Winnie has spent the last 5 years “commuting” between both Hong Kong, Canada & Australia resulting in a global awareness of Retail Design trends. During this period she has worked as a Retail Design Manager & has a wealth of knowledge of current design trends both locally & overseas.Winnie strives to deliver creative solutions whilst staying customer focused. She is a team player & her diverse & strategically evolving career & past experience means she has a unique set of skills very suitable to both the Interiors concept as well as Retail Design Management scope of this project.

Hudson, Community Relations

Hudson is a lover not a fighter. Forever ready to reach out to our clients with a wet nose & some slobber, he ensures all of our clients needs are looked after.

Project Enquiries

To discuss your upcoming project, please contact us and we will get back to you in a jiffy. We would love to hear from you and we will never say no to meeting for a coffee!

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